Value Investing: What Is It?

Value investing is epitomized in a quote I think by Warren Buffett who says when someone with money and experience meet, the one with money leaves with experience and the one with experience leaves with the money. That doesn’t sound that nice and it is a typical type of feel you get around very experienced American businessmen of a sort that they are laughing at you while you do business with them because they have such edge on you. What is this edge? What does this experience refer to? Well we all heard the adage that there are a lot of value investors who are wealthy and not too many alternative style traders who are wealthy. The edge is exactly that you believe Warren Buffett when he says traders are monkeys and his assets are proof he is right. I’ll tell you how Warren Buffett makes money, go to for example Bellevue, Washington, and he owns a few stores there in the mall of mystery, and remember from any basic pickup artist text we know mystery dominates style, when you want to attract girls, but point is, his jewels he sells you are all the synthetic ones and if you complain, his type of guys tell you that you are giving all the jewelers around town a bad name and that your girl who you are buying jewels for is not a woman as she would accept the jewels if she were. Keep on fighting and the police jump in and tell you nicely to cut it out as they depend on the community investment to flourish while meanwhile even though you’ve broken no laws, at another apartment some man yells in loud voice: look I am donating to make a wish foundation for children. Great! And this is how Warren makes money, he goes to places which are spigots of money like crude oil drilling sites in Bellevue where all the baby boomers were retiring so they too could have a chance at black gold, and then he just drills baby drills with his shops. Bill Gates shopped at that mall too but it always turns bizarro America like buckets of jewels are shipped to Microsoft where engineers dig in and buy them by the fistful. Who’s going to argue with these billionaires though? They can do whatever they want it’s like they built the town to make money or something and Courtney at the apartment tries to calm me down saying she doesn’t know anything that’s happening, well all I have to say is illuminate me because what that term means is a world built by the Democratic Party for the super rich who are all democrats as the all important writers traders and doctors, we are trumped by cops, firefighters and lifeguards. I don’t care for their morals they can do their thing I will do my thing and if they think I send mixed signals I am going on a jog now as no Jewish person ever called me someone who he didn’t think would really get into a fight. In east coast which Kennedy won or Chicago even, police, firefighters and lifeguards are good people and they are good everywhere just don’t come to Roscharch next time to ask where the fool’s conspiracies all started they started with the model citizens while Katy Perry said grass is greener, maybe in parts of San Francisco but that’s only because we were there too, and the cowardly Lincolnites trembled in San Francisco when they met with the Canadian brigade, the names they called us were not new ones though, we were called that by the English invaders in eve of 1776. Warren and I actually both went to Columbia but I’m angry at him as he put on suit made in China and called it a Shang Gri La mandarin suit, Warren Doodle went to town with Captain Gooding Alex.


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