Trading Mentality: Facts not Symbols

In trading, mistakes are plentiful and unanticipated outcomes happen often. As such it is important to correct oneself with facts and not use symbols as we can read just about anything out of symbols but the easiest thing to read out of symbols is the intentions of the other party. As someone said to his dog in a laboratory I worked at once, “not everyone like you.” Once you read the intentions out of the symbols, you are just about done. Any more and you are straying into fortunetelling and mind-reading.

It is important to have a good read on the news cycle as a trader even if one isn’t interested in politics. For example, it is easy to say “it’s 1930. A significant Middle Eastern power is like Germany.” But if you don’t have a read on the news cycle, you may take those statements to be true instead of believing the media which I argue you always should do. The media is talking about issues that place us at dealing with World War Two style issues right now but most traders are uninterested in ideology.

Some people argue for symbols because they can use symbols to reach an absolute truth. I argue no such thing exists, but everyone has their own truth. We won’t converge to an absolute truth because everyone has their own point of view. Using symbols in a way to define and converge to a reality in my view is the definition of totalitarianism which first came to being on the right side. Facts are what matter when we talk between people. Another danger of using symbols is you start thinking real people symbolize fictional characters when they may simply temporarily resemble them because they are pressured to do so or because you are comparing them to moving targets, which is to say you yourself are under pressure by society and aren’t an unbiased observer.

It looks to me like though while we start by believing the media, the media is just mostly wrong in this case in their conclusions from the facts. Clearly the north-south divide is a bigger issue right now politically than World War Two issues which though may still be relevant, are not totally relevant now. In the United States, Trump is from the northern cities, though much of his support base is southern. We are seeing religious traditions split along north and south lines. In the wake of this, despite possibilities of slipping into an outsider role, I generally was able to disentangle myself from all this politics, though not all the people I knew were able to. I know the UK for example has friends in the USA, and is concerned, and since I lack the accent, I play for Canada which always treated me well and fairly. Sometimes it’s not about fairness but public safety, and that is why I’m glad some countries believe in majority rule but minority rights; countries like Canada.

In the end, facts are what correct us to the course of existence in democracy that is known as a global narrative. In short facts are the only way to the truth first for each person and then for everyone. But to go for an absolute truth first before there are facts, that doesn’t exist.


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