Moral Relativity and Trading

Mengcius the Chinese philosopher said that while good he did imply was an absolute, evil was a relative term to good. We judge evil by asking whether evil is trying to overturn good. For example good may be JFK’s civil rights legacy. Evil may be trying to overturn good by making us think that evil to someone now will be good to someone later. That is true but it is true of all evil and it is no excuse for evil but merely explains why evil has a niche to exist despite the efforts of good. Likewise he wrote that mankind may fear an evil man but Heaven does not. This is because Heaven can see in absolutes and can differentiate good from evil while mankind can only rely on faith. The Chinese also wrote that doing nothing is more profound than doing something. So it is a good idea to do nothing often.

Put in context of the physical science of chemistry we must recognize chemistry is mostly about matter and entropy. Entropy is what drives events so when people go and worship the single most driver of events they are worshipping entropy as well as the ability of entropy as an organizing force to organize some large particles in the diffusion of small particles. It is really silly as entropy will lead to the heat death of the universe. Nonetheless, we must remember in subatomic particles there is color, charm, and strangeness. And in the end, it is an individual’s world not a group’s world no matter what they may tell you about groups influencing each other and plot lines criss crossing. As only the individual could write something like the Declaration of Independence and only the individual is strong enough not to fall for group think. Only the individual can get his job done and then help others. And the well meaning people who say that it is a group effort, they are self serving and if they aren’t, they are trying to tell you you have lost as an individual so get yourself back together and let the politicians work with groups.

I don’t think anyone is working to overturn JFK for the record. I think we have to learn to live with each other. I think America has a northern ally in Canada, in me, regardless of what goes on in politics as some people say they aren’t interested in politics and lie, but others say they are interested in politics and endure their artificial interest.

There will be no War of 1812 in other words because Canada has disentangled itself from American politics and we like it this way.

Keep me out of your politics – Seal singer


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