Global Macro Trading With Politics

Global Macro trading without politics actually devolves to being the victim of every political theater. I will show you a case example. Right now, in the United States, the Trump presidency has started for some time and not too many people know how to think about him as he is very good at getting people either to hate him or fear him sufficiently to drop the analysis. The biggest change is Trump has introduced race back into politics, which is an anomaly as this type of thing hasn’t been seen really since the desegregation era in the 1960s. He managed to do this from a visceral reaction of some Americans against the Obama presidency which was defined on progress on race. In any case, the Trump presidency has successfully maneuvered Harvard to a position of near irrelevancy on many fronts, but Harvard is still here.

We would say it looks like Harvard and the secular America it represents, are almost on another plane of existence right now. What is that plane of existence? Well if the USA has become religious in its mainstream thinking, then secular people and institutions look like Heaven and Hell. Harvard must be Heaven. If the deities have been maneuvered to a position of irrelevance, we would say that probably the archangels would be intervening, as that is what they do in these circumstances. What is Hell? Jail must be Hell. Previously the Greek underworld was the mental health system and we thought we had conquered that and now use it as a base of operations and rehabilitation center.

We hope one day we manage to do that for the correctional system too as many progressive liberals made their names making better conditions for the incarcerated in the nineteenth century and many must have in the twentieth century too. Supposing there is an alien conquest of the Earth, we would need these bases, and we would describe that conquest as a British Beatles-style invasion of America. But of course, there is something wrong here already. The United States and UK are firm allies. So let us listen to the United Kingdom: the problem is China.

Now as a Chinese person with a Chinese family that speaks Chinese at home, I don’t like to see the world reacting suspiciously against me even if I know China is indeed the problem.

If China is the problem, we are done fighting over European Central Powers and Axis, and now we are over here in Japan trying to make stuff work. “But it’s not that simple, it’s not that simple, it’s never that simple, it’s the first time” – Finger Eleven in Canada.

Japan is rooted in an alliance with the American Germanics, and that is like my family’s alliance with the Republican Party. Trump is too widely hated to be German. He must be an American President. On the other hand, the George W. Bush presidency epitomizes the Republican tradition. I am like Japan, his team is like Germany. He helped them anyway back in the day some what. As I am Japan, why is my family so prominent? Who is behind my family? I would say it is the actual island of Japan which I visited and they keep tabs on Asian Americans in the USA. I ran the first Asian American Reunion at Harvard after all, it’s not like I’ve forgotten. Quite the contrary, je me souviens.

So the answer is when a lot of people are fighting, stupidly, don’t hide in Switzerland, but save the world by escalating on the bad guys. In this case it is China.

We thus have finished everything and we must recognize China is not a country or a continent, it is a world. Hong Kong is like UK, Shanghai is like France. If you want a World War, that’s where to look!

Now, my erstwhile “German” friends, anyway, they are too busy scapegoating and hating trump to do any real work. So I will intervene. I am asking all Republicans to focus on China. I previously had already asked Trump to fire on my own position in mental health civil rights. We don’t need democrats. The Republican Party stands alone. And democratic girls need not touch me again, I am more than what they think, I stand my ground, and I have said, I am not a shadow of myself just because I fled or my family did from my problems where people are just like us but stronger. Tigers are not apex. But they don’t flee from man for no reason. And they don’t come to hide behind skirts of lionesses, which sure, are apex, only because of male supremacy.

I am indeed capable of being a lion as well as a tiger but I look more like a tiger I think, biologically, and sometimes that’s all that matters: as I will not be the one who concedes the yellow man is inferior. Great Ming Alibaba, back off! Korea belongs to Japan!

Here we use Korea to describe all the beautiful women in America who had thought I had gone for you know, “white people,” and left them behind. They are mostly young doctor girls at Columbia who are white but not white people proper as some of them are Canadianish like me and confused like a Canuck or a looness.

Alex Von Liu, de la Chine, self-styled “black Dragon” general, owner of the Spring and Autumn China museum that is himself.

”Lü bu! You screwed everything up in America between Chinese and white people. Come out and fight me!” – last samurai


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