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The first amendment best understood as you have right from others controlling your speech. The second amendment best understood as you have right to join police force which resembles a militia in modernity, but you have to get in, in other words, inherent in being in militia is you can’t be mentally ill because militia are composed of citizens not civilians and citizens put body politic before themselves says Starship Troopers, as Cicero would never have joined a militia as it’s not about keeping weapons out of the hands of anyone, neither is it about self defense, it’s about not ending up like United Kingdom in 1776 where if you raise arms like American ambassador to UK in Sherlock Holmes, God strikes you down, in other words, second amendment is about relations between man and man as Reagan said American Revolution was about, not man and God, and man needs arms in a general sense to deal with man or we will enter world of Hobbes where two or three men can easily overpower one man, that don’t work here in Canada where people get really mad, and hockey fights with four or five little civil wars, because no one calls my girlfriend anything by implication with a backhanded apology. It’s cause Acadians are good at fighting with daggers and don’t forget the deeds not words that were made of them as sport, when they lived as persecuted peoples in Canada, no we aren’t french old regime, can’t even speak it well, but we are nordique and Canadien like an British that drinks like an Irishman I’m a Canadian that never backs down like a French Horatio, we still have our honor! Toronto Trudeau


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