Dinosaur and 2011

2011 was my last year in finance, and there were some remarkable things but most important was a fight which left the Citadel so to speak and went to the streets of Chicago, and that has just finally concluded. Triceratops takes down TRex which is to say Global Macro makes some frickin sense out of markets driven insane by machines fighting machines and scapegoating humans like in the matrix. We defended you America and you forgot about us – Priest. Then of course the asteroid hit in 2012. I moved to Seattle shortly before impact around New Years. My last act in Chicago was taking some photos of some German brunette from Philadelphia but she started to mess with me after she found out my bizarre and repulsive fetishes as she remarked. Hey, sometimes we have no choice I’m coming home – Goo Goo Dolls.

Now I’m reliving life like I just got back into Harvard at 18 as my capabilities with equivalencies and with medication are that to 18 though I can’t do the range of optionality. For gamers, it’s like Imperius managed to turn Diablo instead of slaying diablo and diablo is actually just some redhead girl angry about rumors about her so she makes up the most toxic racism towards people like me based on her twisted remarks and interpretations of them, even if she missed the mark and didn’t mean to hit me she really did.

Here is circa 2011 old regime ideas:

“your rage makes you powerful Aeneas yet you hide it from Hector prince of Troy. Perhaps you are afraid of him seeing you for what you truly are?” Diablo achilles

”I see nothing!” Aeneas

”I don’t judge you by the color of your law” achilles

“judge me as I think the world is crazy!” Aeneas

I just paint what I see if you think it is beautiful you think yourself is beautiful – man in hospital like Santana.

Go then if you must but remember no matter how foolish your deeds, those that love you will love you still. – Antigone

Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man, though my mind could think I still was a madman. – Kansas

So you see by these dinosaur footprints, clearly global macro guy at citadel whatever his resume position is, took down the conspiracy theory. Drop the conspiracy theory and forget the girl. What was me died so what is me could have life. And that is the lesson of Jesus’s ascension to heaven. We will do second coming next time. I am clearly not a deity if I were, I would be Dionysius. Party with the twelfth degree increase in temperature, as the Vanessa Paradis love song we don’t know anything about dinosaurs you know.

Our plan is to take us through Darwin next and then some great books as even Munger said to read Darwin’s full theory on evolution to understand the markets and if it is dog eat dog or bleak maybe you got too much water in your head and saw a little mermaid.


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