Complex visualization: Euler’s Identity

This is just a quick way to practice your ability to visualize in 3D, Euler’s Formula, which relates e^(ix) to the featured image, where basically the unit circle of trigonometric functions becomes a helix as the input into the function itself is mapped so f(x,y) as function of z, and we see how as we increase the Greek argument into the function, what e^(ix) is equal to remains fixed on the unit circle but may be quite popped off the page if we have entered in a high real number for the radian input. The goal of this exercise is to show you the difference between a spiral and a unit circle, and that is a spiral maps the input as well, as a coordinate, and as thus, if you really are in a downward spiral there probably is no way for you to get out except by reversing the input argument, so you must recover in a spiral too. What is that input argument? For me, it was a degeneration into the world of internet fringe theories, and to swim out of the spiral I had to read the theory that gave rise to the fringe theories: I read Darwin and understood what he didn’t write about gives rise to fringe theories: they say philosophers and kings use the bathroom and so do ladies. Everyone is subject to laws of evolution but Social Darwinism would imply that it is a load of “crap” that we are all created equal, and as such there shouldn’t be Social Darwinism and if it looks like Social Darwinism, there must have been so much life culled in the struggle for existence that natural selection devolved to sexual selection and the finest ladies, strangers to blue water, in America are busy making sport of men who should normally be able to evolve some other way as Darwin himself pointed out men do not let the most vigorous men fight each other for women in society. Social Darwinism fails to see the real purpose of society is to tame the strongest force in the universe which is people wanting to have sex with each other, and is the devolution of natural selection over thousands of years to sexual selection in the span of one mating cycle which is usually a summer in San Francisco which is a winter anywhere else. Boston strong is like Konigsberg, if they want to mess with us they can, but we will have to be wiped from the planet if they start messing with us because we will keep at it no matter the odds. New York like Dresden boo. Art city. Boo. Chicago like Berlin: interesting! What do Germans and losers have in common? Both want nothing to do with Confederates and have inferiority complex to the Swiss. What is an Acadian? A Canadian who wants nothing to do with all that except to say he is a man and your brother which he gives to you first until you lose it: opposite of Israeli who trusts last, but I’m enjoying the wine face wine trade with Israel, and now grow wheat in my face instead of rice: Catholic not Taoist. You are Taoist when you look in mirror and see your history, such as your features of your ethnicity. You are Catholic when you look in mirror and see your age. They say the fields of gold by Sting is what shows you your age with your loved one. I don’t mind that song. But I’ve heard better in Bonavista, Canada!


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