American Water Works: Utilities

Utilities tend to be recession-proof and in the case of a water utility called American Water Works, the earnings go up smoothly over time and carry the stock forward in a relatively smooth ride. Water is in shortage across the world in many places because it is difficult to transport aside from there being a lot of water notably in Canada.

I want to address for a moment what the difference between Canada and the United States really is, having lived in both countries. Canada on the surface is much further to the left politically than America but at the same time, demographically Canada is very different with Asians as the second-largest demographic not African-Americans. Canada because of its natural resources can afford a limited welfare state for its inhabitants. Canada is also more secular than the United States. The most important thing though is in Canada healthcare is regarded as a right not a privilege, so doctors have a different position in society: doctors have to care for the sick and can’t just hide behind their doors and hope no one pounds on them and make them care for sick patients as Rand Paul described himself being a doctor. I would say overall, one must understand the nature of disease is such that there are often parallels in society to the disease and while the USA employs a professional army of doctors, Canada employs a conscript army of doctors, and Canada’s universal health care guarantee means Canada’s doctors don’t follow the rules of engagement when it comes to fighting with disease.

So I personally am okay with the USA system except I hope the USA does understand by having a professional army anywhere it is quite brittle as USA cannot absorb many casualties without collapsing, and therefore a conscript army is desirable too but if the USA does that, probably the conscript army can’t follow such strict rules of engagement in fighting disease as professional-only and we will need to see something like universal health coverage.

Rationality is not always a good sell in politics, as rationality makes people tend to agree with you but they won’t vote for you to be the dear leader just as debaters who win awards tend to have flourish and grip the speaking platform as they speak and aren’t just very reasonable.

In any case, Canada’s water surplus will probably remain Canada’s own business absent global warming which probably will be good for Canada but the United States would do well for itself to invest in water utilities to take care of a blind spot where Canada is ahead of the USA which is water.

In the end, going back into time and reconstructing all these failed constructs from the past is interesting but that doesn’t make you left wing or right wing. What makes you left wing or right wing is whether you are Canadian or American. In other words whether you are more of someone who doesn’t follow rules of engagement or follows them. The right wing tends to follow rules of engagement.

Now in political squabbling maybe our current president in America just shoots from the hip but overall he does follow the rules of engagement or he wouldn’t last in the Republican Party.

My point is simply in order to play as a Democrat I have to be somewhere where it is okay not to follow the rules of engagement and that won’t be being a Canadian doctor for me because I like to imagine better I am an American doctor in spirit so I will instead play as an Asian in America, an Asian American, and given Asian Americans form mostly conscript armies, I won’t have to follow rules of engagement. Why do I want to be a democrat? I want to participate this round and can’t afford all the body armor that would let me play as Republican and absorb all the stray fire that would come from me holding my fire per the rules of engagement.

Well, maybe Democrats have rules of engagement too but they sure are different from Republican rules of engagement and I do view them as looser. Whether utilities succeed depend on whether politics continues while the economy stalls, and that does happen, so if you are a good politician buy utilities and own your fate. In fact if you are a good doctor you probably recognize by now doctors and politicians are very similar to generals, doctors control armies of sick people who fight illness in their spirit form, while politicians control armies of laymen who fight all sorts of societal problems and generals control soldiers for the same purpose. Who fights the battles in the economy? Should be traders but it often is politicians too. In the end the profit motive makes us quite similar to one another whether democrat or republican and someone who loses the profit motive and claims he isn’t money-driven, he is probably going schizoid and living in fantasy as money is not a social lubricant but the glue that holds our society together, while religion is no alternative but merely like the conscript version to our professional society. One day religion will be professional too and we will have capitalized the proletariat or in other words be in the Kingdom of Heaven. Believe in yourself and believe that whatever the color of your skin you have a place in the order of this universe. Why? Because the universe is there.


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